ArtMiami | AquaMiami

From December 4th to December 8th, 2019
Daniel Fiorda work's will be show at ArtMiami, booth AM226 with Lelia Mordoch Gallery
and at AquaMiami with the Rubber Stamp Projets.



PHONES SERIES I have been developing this concept over the past decade. Many of these objects are transformed into new pieces. I enjoy the experience; however, amassing objects takes years. Over time the objects begin to relate to each other. The object reveals its history, its potential, the culture to which it belongs. Other experiences [...]

Concrete Blocks

CONCRETE BLOCKS " At a very young age I was introduced to an environment where an infinite number of objects were amassed chaotically. Over time I confronted a feeling of obsolescence and oblivion. That is why I wanted to “excavate”, experiment like an archeologist–and disinter traces of the past." Daniel Fiorda Publications Archeology of 20th [...]


KEYBORDS Daniel Fiorda in this new series of sculptures by Daniel Fiorda continues in many ways the themes that have infused his previous work. For the last several years, Fiorda has dealt with technology, obsolescence, with the trail of discarded tech that humanity leaves behind and what it says about us. The new work takes [...]


CAMERA First of all, I would like to explain that the objects I utilize and have used for this new series have been collected over a period of years. I have carefully observed them before integrating and/or modifying them as I do. My work re-creates a timeless dialogue between my subconscious and all of the [...]