Daniel Fiorda was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is self-taught , and has exhibited widely throughout the US including the OK Harris Gallery, Allan Stone Gallery in New York as well as the Heriard-Cimino Gallery in New Orleans and Lelia Mordoch Gallery, Paris France.

Daniel was one of the winners in the 7th Annual Sculptures Competition (2003) held at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. Selected on the inaugural 2006 Palm Beach International Sculpture Biennale, and exhibited for a 3rd time in Sculpture Key West. He is an alumni Artist of ArtCenter/South Florida.

Two Pieces from his “Convertible Couch projects” were selected by Art in Public Places in Orlando (2002/03) and was on display for one year in the entrance to the Orlando Science center.

The Higland Museum of Art in Sebring FL, has acquired for their permanent collection the “Red Hunter”, one of “the heavy toys series 2008” sculpture, which has been installed in front of the Museumʼs Garden.

The MoLAA, Museum of Latinamerican Art in Los Angeles, has incorporated one of Fiordaʼs “Square series 2008” in their permanent collection, and was the recipient of “Auction 08: Contemporary, Honorary Award.”


Metal Toys

Metal Toys Miami sculptor, Daniel Fiorda has often played the role of urban archeologist in his oeuvre. He has used everything from racing boat pistons, to the metal guts of discarded convertible couches to increasingly obsolete technology in his expansive series of works. He has created menacing robot warriors, soaring totems, alien insects that appear [...]


PHONES SERIES I have been developing this concept over the past decade. Many of these objects are transformed into new pieces. I enjoy the experience; however, amassing objects takes years. Over time the objects begin to relate to each other. The object reveals its history, its potential, the culture to which it belongs. Other experiences [...]

Nostalgic hardware

NOSTALGIC HARDWARE Nostalgic Series, Typewriters (2011) is paradigmatic. Fiorda has chosen to minimize intervention with the object to a mere coat of vibrant enamel. As an epochal dialogue, the artist applies that kind of iconic, high-tech color so distinctive to computer gadgets nowadays. Then the typewriter is affixed to a black, glossy backdrop treated with [...]


LUNATIONS THE MAN IN THE MOON When you enter the world of Daniel Fiorda's : “LUNATIONS” clear past images come immediately to mind: children lying on their backsides and in that supine position gazing at the night time constellation. Their imaginative minds all occupied conjuring up images to meet their phantasmagorical dreams. Fiorda's celestial bodies [...]

Concrete Blocks

CONCRETE BLOCKS " At a very young age I was introduced to an environment where an infinite number of objects were amassed chaotically. Over time I confronted a feeling of obsolescence and oblivion. That is why I wanted to “excavate”, experiment like an archeologist–and disinter traces of the past." Daniel Fiorda Publications Archeology of 20th [...]

Video controllers

VIDEO CONTROLLER Ultimately, Daniel Fiorda is an “urban archeologist” who unearths the things around him, accumulating old “machines” that are, in fact, artifacts from another time that have been pushed aside by the advance of technology. He learns that what might be trash in the eyes of many represent an aesthetic possibility for him to [...]


KEYBORDS Daniel Fiorda in this new series of sculptures by Daniel Fiorda continues in many ways the themes that have infused his previous work. For the last several years, Fiorda has dealt with technology, obsolescence, with the trail of discarded tech that humanity leaves behind and what it says about us. The new work takes [...]


TYPEWRITER What has happened is the subtraction of the utilitarian aspects, i.e. ribbon and movable shaft. And from changing its position from horizontal to vertical, from free standing to mounted on a painted wood, the typewriter and the other objects alike, is taken out of its manual use, away from the usual accompanying office equipment. [...]


OBJECTS In reality, there are not very many objects or machines. It is a combined series of 20, 30 or 40 year old mechanical and some electric typewriters, wired telephones, classic plastic designs from the 1970s, some answering machines, wireless tube phones, original 35 millimeter cameras, sewing machines and an eight-piece set of miscellaneous objects. [...]


CAMERA First of all, I would like to explain that the objects I utilize and have used for this new series have been collected over a period of years. I have carefully observed them before integrating and/or modifying them as I do. My work re-creates a timeless dialogue between my subconscious and all of the [...]