When you enter the world of Daniel Fiorda’s : “LUNATIONS”
clear past images come immediately to mind: children lying on their backsides and in that supine position gazing at the night time constellation. Their imaginative minds all occupied conjuring up images to meet their phantasmagorical dreams. Fiorda’s celestial bodies made up of various moons, the many planets and their satellites are thus freely interpreted.

The artist’s intrigue with space exploration from his youthful sky watching expanded through science fiction in books and films, NASA television, revelations brought to us from the Hubble Telescope, images from the man made satellites and even the discovery of new planets and their moons. This stellar fascination quite naturally continues its travel into the artist’s work.

Each art works proportion reduces the entire constellation to the diameter of the piece. Each image is on a wooden disc with applied layers of colored sprayed water, acrylic and oil creating a final product of variegated blue, green, grey, yellow or red. The layers, though not strong, give the illusion of the convex, which is natural to space images. One result of the variegated colors is implied planetary motion. The viewer’s eye makes this self evident, even on closer inspection, as one sees the meteor impact on a celestial body. The light source is created by illuminating various viewpoints while the real or imaginative colors change with each different approach to a planet or a moon. Water planets are blue, but green is applied on a fancied vegetation planet.

We have always had a connection to cosmic life and this is this artist’s inner observations. LUNATIONS celebrates those childhood visions. Perhaps the search for the Man In The Moon continues but Daniel Fiorda’s artistic abilities surely helps us on the way.

Michael McManus
Art Consultant/Historian

Moon Series 2013