Metal Toys

Miami sculptor, Daniel Fiorda has often played the role of urban archeologist in his oeuvre. He has used everything from racing boat pistons, to the metal guts of discarded convertible couches to increasingly obsolete technology in his expansive series of works.

He has created menacing robot warriors, soaring totems, alien insects that appear fugitives from an H.R. Giger nightmare, and futuristic dragsters straight out of Blade Runner. The self-taught Argentine artist’s sculptures are inventive and infused with an insatiably experimental sensibility.

Carlos Suarez De Jesus

Blue Monster | 2004
Metal Robot, Sister | 2003
Metal Robot, Brother | 2003
Metal Robot | 2001
White Metal Comet | 2003
Red Metal Comet | 2003
Orange Metal Comet | 2003
Metal Comet | 2003