In reality, there are not very many objects or machines. It is a combined series of 20, 30 or 40 year old mechanical and some electric typewriters, wired telephones, classic plastic designs from the 1970s, some answering machines, wireless tube phones, original 35 millimeter cameras, sewing machines and an eight-piece set of miscellaneous objects.

I have been developing this concept over the past decade. Many of these objects are transformed into new pieces.

Daniel Fiorda

Phones Series, "Tube phone" | 2014
Phones Series, "Tube phone" | 2014
Phones Series, "Panasonic phone" | 2014
Hardware Series, "Apple keyboard" | 2014
Hardware Series, "Panasonic Calculator" | 2014
Hardware Series, "Phone charger" | 2011
I'm watching you !
"I'm watching you" (hommage for H. Snowden) | 2010