“CONCRETE”by : Daniel Fiorda

From Nostalgia to Utopia Objects are a part of our memory, a trace of history dissolving in time. Daniel Fiorda pours concrete into items and make them appear as fossils of a technology of the past. The molds he uses are very fragile. Egg packs are one of his favorites along with balloons. They are part of our everyday life, objects of a present time dying into the future. Imagine aliens landing on earth when humans will be buried in history as the dinosaurs. Emerging from the sands of the past are traces of a forgotten civilization. New York is under the sea. The ghost of a yellow submarine is passing through rusted towers. Strange shapes emerge from the work of Daniel Fiorda, small round words, artifacts half buried like long forgotten memories. They fly between nostalgia and utopia as a glimpse of a future less chaotic with “no more dialectic” as a metaphor of life. A dog on a grey landscape figures Laïka coming back from space. Daniel not only sculpts but also paints with concrete. A blue glass sun rises above the horizon. Curious landscapes are emerging from golden frames as an homage of great artists of the avant-garde of abstraction of the late century like Juan Gris, Braque or Picasso. Daniel Fiorda came from Argentina to the states more than 30 years ago. He fell in love with Miami and is today among the most achieved artists of Florida.

Lelia Mordoch


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